Thanksgiving Table Arrangements

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were supposed to spend the holiday at Lake Martin, but ended up having the entire family to our house in Birmingham instead. Since this was a last minute change, I pulled my house together on Thursday morning.
The girls and I had read "Branching Out" on the Nest Egg Blog and thought it would be fun to create our centerpieces from sticks, leaves and branches found in our neighborhood. I wish you could have seen Tom, the girls and me walking the neighborhood in PJs and coats at 7:45 AM (my house wakes up very early) cutting branches and picking up pine cones. The girls had an absolute blast and we managed to create some pretty neat arrangements.

(The pine cone arrangement is actually being used for another event that is tonight at Workplay)

(The turkey place cards were another art project that added excitement to the day)

Happy Planning!


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