Event thoughts and ideas from Atlanta.....

Tom and I made quick trip over to Atlanta this weekend to get away and enjoy everything the big city has to offer. We had dinner at an amazing new restaurant called Abattoir. The french country design of the restaurant was beautiful and full of style. The colors of the restaurant created a neutral palette and the lighting was dimmed just enough. Everything from the over sized napkins to the small stemless glasses were perfectly in place to create a sophisticated, yet relaxed feel.

Being in the business I am in....I couldn't help but let my mind wonder.

Oh what a cool party I could have....If only I worked in Atlanta!

There is a great bar area when you first walk in and then the room opens up to the large dining space.

This was the long farm table in the bar area.

The overhead lighting might be a little awkward for a reception style party, but you could definitely use it to your benefit for a seated dinner event.

While I love the Birmingham venue market, I wish we had more restaurants like Abattoir that would allow for more event space in our city. The Birmingham restaurants and their owners are FABULOUS about allowing private events, but it sure would be nice to have more to choose from! Maureen at Little Savannah offered her restaurant up for a 50th birthday party I was working on a few weeks ago, Cafe Dupont will let me have just about anything with them and while I have only used Hot & Hot as a caterer, I have heard of some amazing parties being held at the restaurant.

A trip to Atlanta would not be complete without stopping by Ikea on the way out of town. I am usually looking for random home items when I go, but I was on a different mission Sunday. I wanted to scope out the vases, candles and lighting for an Christmas project I am working on right now. Not only did I find a huge selection of funky vases and festive lighting, I found the wine glasses from Abattoir!!!

Items to get from Ikea for your next event:

Wine, Champagne and Water Glasses

Unique Beer Mugs

Colored Votives

Colored Vases

White Paper Lanterns

Cocktail Napkins

Disposable Plates (Not paper...but cheap enough to toss if you want)

My Favorite Ikea find of the day!
***The inspiration for my Valentine's Day Party****

Happy Planning!