Sweet Sixteen

Oh what it would be like to be 16 again...driving a hunk a junk Sabb convertible, listening to The Dave Matthew's Band and living for Friday night football.....oh the good old days!

I got a glimpse of the good old days last week when planning my first "Sweet Sixteen" birthday party for two super "sweet" girls....Mallie and Sallie! Let me just tell you, these girls are far more stylish than I ever dreamed to be at their age, and I had an absolute blast working with them to make their birthday wishes come true!

(The Birthday Diva's, Mallie and Sallie)

The girls wanted their party to be more than a backyard soiree. During the first few meetings, we contemplated cool venues and various ways to make their party, unique, fun and exciting for their guests. After a little arm twisting, I promised to make a "house party" far more spectacular than any house party they had experienced before.

Hint: When looking at your budget, list out what is truly important to you and then decide what you can cut. For this party, a logo, lighting, decor and details were far more important than the venue itself! The decision to have the party at home allowed us to plan the party of their dreams!

First, we took the invitation and logo created by Razzle Dazzle Creative Design and ran with it. We even had the photographer incorporate it into the boarder of all the photos.

What better way for Sallie and Mallie to remember the night than a signed picture frame. The guests wrote special notes around a mat that later will be filled with photos from the night.

The guests enjoyed cold bottled coke (Sallie's Favorite) through flagged straws.

Olexa did a wonderful job recreating the invitation design on the cake.
The Tiffany blue box always adds a little excitement to a girl's day! The favor boxes were filled with M&Ms and Skittles to carry the M&S theme through the night.

Lighting adds so much to the decor and atmosphere of a party. To keep my "Not your average house party" promise...I hired AG Lighting to light up the house and the yard with baby blue and lime green lights.

The lime green light illuminating each table gave the backyard an ultra sleek and sophisticated look!

Happy Sweet Sixteen Mallie and Sallie!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

Happy Planning!