Rustic Meets Elegance

My sister Hannon came to my house for dinner last night and told story after story about an amazing farm wedding she attended this weekend! Everything from the plantation atmosphere, to the creamed spinach served at the rehearsal dinner, to the men in red coats who charged the reception on wild horses to deliver the wedding day toast, all sounded like it was out of a story book.

So today, I couldn't help but focus on a story where


So, you may need a magnifying glass to see these photos, but try and squint (or click here to take you to the website). It is worth it!
There is a BIG difference between a sketch of the latest Buck your finance killed and an antique sketch of a Elk (I have spent the last 30 minutes on the Internet trying to figure out what exactly this is a sketch of and I give would think I would know this, but I don't....lets just call it an Elk for now).

Notice that the bottled water on the tables have the old bottle stopper lids and also have a sketch of a deer drinking water.

I love the votive candles with the rocks in the bottom and the small grapevine balls that were randomly set out for decoration.

I always opt for the long "farm" table seating so your guests can enjoy the company of more guests.
My favorite detail of this rustic dinner is the old truck. Check out this video featuring my ever so favorite interior designer....Rachel Halvorson from Nest Egg.

When I asked Rachel if I could post the wedding video she was so sweet to share a few of her "rustic" photos as well! Like Rachel's blog, I should have known her wedding would have also been one of true elegance!

One of the bridesmaids made the "just married" sign out of old wood, spray paint and white letters. Hint: Make sure you have a creative bridesmaid if you want something like this!

Are you amazing is this photo!! LOVE IT!

Rachel carried the rustic theme a little further by having games at her reception like sack races and the egg toss. She said it was hilarious and it was a great way to add some entertainment to her destination wedding. While the rustic look always fits in well with the can do it anytime of year!

Happy Planning!