An Outdoor September Wedding

Last week, I was hired by a sweet girl to help plan her September 2010 wedding. I am so excited! Her dreams are leading her to an outdoor wedding in a "rustic, but elegant" barn in the mountains of Mentone, AL. Thinking "outside the box" is what this bride lives for, so I am thrilled to be the one to help make her wedding dreams come true!

I thought it would be fun to include my readers along the way. Below are a few photos I am using for inspiration.

I love the old church pews! There are so many things you can do to add style to the ceremony site. You could use different antique wooden chairs or hay bails with a fabric draped over each one.

The potted trees are a good way to line the aisle. The trees can later be used in the new couple's back yard.

The bride would like to offer her guests a very casual meal during the reception. While I love the idea of Bar B-Q, I would rather not use the aluminum tins that you often see at a company cookout.

Wedding favors disappeared for a few years, but they are back. While they still are not 100% necessary, I thought these wooden pencils would be a perfect wedding favor for an outdoor wedding.

Not a huge fan of the font...but always a fan of initials!

These aisle markers have been used many, many times...but look fabulous every single time. Whether you use them for candles, wild flowers or greenery they line the aisle perfectly!

Not sure what I like more...the poplin suit or the funky, cool bouquet!

Simple, yet unique..I think it may be a winner!

Happy Planning!
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