Personalize your Event

Tom surprised me with a new wedding book a few weeks ago and I can not begin to tell you how awesome it is. Jung Lee is an amazing wedding planner in New York who created her own event planning company after planning her own wedding a few years ago. She was in need of a planner herself and only found two types of planners....neither fitting what she was looking for. There were the either the planners who only wanted to re-live their wedding again through someone else, or those who focused more on completing the basic checklists than actually "creating" the event. Jung Lee strives for more....
I have spent many Saturday mornings sipping coffee with my nose in my new book reading every word on every page. I have realized that it is not just the beautiful settings and details she creates, but the fundamental principles behind her weddings that I admire so much. I just love the phrase "personalization and orchestration of the entire experience."
Personalization and details are my favorite things. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, rehearsal dinner or house party, there are unique ways to make the event your own, and leave your guests admiring all the details. For example, I am working on a Sweet 16 party for two great girls. To start with, we are personalizing the party with their own party logo created by Razzle Dazzle Creative Design (I cannot show you yet, it is a surprise)!! By the time we are done with it, I hope you will see this logo everywhere (oh, how fun it would be to be 16 again).
Below are a few fun ideas I have seen while researching for some upcoming events ....
Not a huge fan of silhouettes, but I do like the fact they used them starting with the invitations and carried the theme through the reception.
This is a paper cone filled with puff balls for guests to throw when the bride and groom leave the reception. Instead of letting the guests assume what they should do with the puff balls, they added a nice little touch....
"As the bride and groom come your way
toss the pom poms and shout hooray!"

A signature cocktail is an EASY way to add a little spunk to your bar! Everyone loves this little detail...have a way to let your guests know why you chose this drink (favorite color, brings back special memory, etc).

LOVE this crossword puzzle. What a cute way to tell your guests a little more about the bride and groom (or the hostess)! This puzzle was placed under the place setting at the seated dinner.

I am working with a bride and groom that have a theme "A bicycle built for two." Katie, if you are reading...another way for you to incorporate your theme!

This might be my favorite for few reasons....1) Guests will love wearing these pins with different couple sayings while also seeing what other one's say - editor's note, Tom is not as excited about the buttons as I am; 2) As the planner, I will love thinking of things that are "better together!" and 3) Tom and I kitchen dance to Jack Johnson's "Better Together" and I just love that song!
Happy Planning!
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