New Rule for you party throwers!!!

There are not many rules when throwing a party. I think it is safe to say that I usually tell you to do whatever you want to is your party. However, as my mother always said, rules are in place to protect you. throwers, you now have Gather's first rule to house parties!

Do NOT re-decorate your house for a dinner party
( least not two days before the event)

You see, this rule is really hard for me. I tend to go a little overboard when I have ANYTHING at my house. It doesn't matter if it is a small dinner party or a blow out bash...I can't help it. However, I have gone too far this time and without this rule in place, I am afraid I will go here again.

I have been talking about painting my entrance hall, dining room and living room a neutral white for months....really for years, but life experiences have made my "dream of an all white house" a little impractical to say the least! Nest Egg must have known my what I had on my mind, because she posted the most beautiful photos of a neutral entrance hall, dinning room and living room last week.

(the walls in this dining room are not the end of this post you will know that I am very happy about this)

This post was all I needed to get my painting project started.....unfortunately 48 hours before I was hosting a house party!

The reason for my rule is that you have so much more to be doing for a party than painting trim at 10:00 PM the night before your party. How about cooking the meal, cleaning your house, polishing the wine glasses, arranging flowers and blowing the driveway (yes..every party needs a blown driveway and fresh pine straw!)
At 11 pm last night, I found myself with the entrance hall painted (still needs one coat over the trim), the living room complete (but, still needs the windows scraped), the dining room untouched (THANK GOODNESS....the color is currently the same color as the dinning room above. Maybe I will just leave it alone!), two missing jars of Alfredo sauce, paint under my finger nails and the vacuum in the middle of the den.

Only 8 hours worries! I will let you know if I pull it off. Good thing this party is just for my friends!!!
-Happy Planning!
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