"Exceptional" Venue

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My step-daughter turned 7 years old this Thursday and we have been celebrating since Wednesday night. We had been planning to have a "water" party in my back yard for a month -- I wasn't very excited about the idea given the the fact there were only adult family members attending this party. However, since she told me that "she got to pick the venue since it was her party and I could pick the venue when it is my party," I had little choice. I think she is spending a little too much time in the party planning world...where did the word "venue" come from??

Thank you Mother-Nature for saving us from an afternoon of water balloons and garden hoses!

I don't know if you are familiar with The Exceptional Foundation in Birmingham, but they have a huge gym with a moon-bounce, air hockey, their very own wii station and much more. It was truly a party in a bag type of deal. The kids had the time of their life running wild, playing baseball on the wii station and a riding the bicycle built for two.

Great news...you do not have to be the daughter of the executive director to get this great party venue.

For $200 the whole place can be yours!!
(Best of all...your money is going to such a great cause!!!)

Happy Planning!