My Dragonfly Bride

I am working with a precious bride who is getting married in March 2010. My favorite part about working with her is that she is so open minded and wants her wedding to be unique and fun for her guests...a.k.a , she wants to plan outside the box!

Mission: To deliver a beautiful wedding that is filled with detail and elegance while working with a strict budget.

With the economy the way it is, brides are having to cut corners a bit more these days. As a planner, it is my job to come in under budget while keeping this a secret from the guests and giving the bride everything she wanted for her special day.

Rule of thumb: Do not plan your wedding just like all of your friends. If you are going to cut corners to keep the price down, change it up a bit so no one notices the difference. For this wedding we are having a late afternoon outdoor cocktail reception instead of the late night band party that guests often attend.

Plan: A late afternoon wedding will not require as much food or alcohol. However, we have opted for the passed hors devours instead of a buffet. I think this adds a sense of elegance to a cocktail party...while keeping people from eating too much at the same time. We will also be offering a signature liquor drink, wine and beer instead of a full open bar.

Detail Number One: The main color of the wedding will be burnt orange and the bride's love for sorbet has led us in the direction of an orange sorbet cocktail. (haven't actually found a recipe we like yet, please email me if you have one).

The centralized theme for the wedding will be the symbol of a dragonfly. The bride's father passed away a few years ago and every time she visits his grave, she is always accompanied by a dragonfly. We both feel that the dragonfly would be a way to recognize her father and make her feel as though he is with her on her special day.

Detail Number Two: Razzle Dazzle Creative Design will be creating the invitations with a small dragonfly on the top.

Since this is an afternoon cocktail party, the invitation will be a little different from the norm. To save money on invitations, we are going with a burnt orange thermography print on a beautiful ivory card stock.

Detail Number Three..but only in our imagination: We had thrown out the idea of having a dragonfly release as the bride and groom left the reception...much like the butterfly release that has been done in the past. After a little research, I have come to find out that this is not allowed. Who knew that dragonflies eat other bugs and they can't be released because it will make that area unbalanced with bug life which effects plant life and so on. Butterflies are allowed because they die quickly and don't effect the ecosystem.

Like I have discussed in previous entries, flowers can break anyone's budget if you are not careful. We will probably leave the centerpiece small and unique!

Instead of using the small bird like things...maybe we can find an iron dragonfly??

This inspiration board will be pinned up to my bulletin board while I plan the rest of my dragonfly bride's wedding! Stay tuned for helpful cost saving tips. We are on a mission to find an affordable (but delicious) cake.

Happy Planning!


All the photos are from Style Me Pretty.

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