D.I.Y. Flowers

No matter what type of event you are planning, there is always a need for flowers. Whether you are having a small dinner party at your house, a corporate gala or extravagant wedding...flowers are the essential element to your decor. Unfortunately, this is not always good news for your budget. There are some amazing florists in town that can truly turn your venue into a floral oasis. Since flowers are my favorite aspect of any event, I wish I could hire a professional florist for each and every occasion. However, as an event planner, I am always looking to help my clients keep their costs down. One way to achieve this is to encourage clients to consider a D.I.Y ("Do It Yourself") Arrangement.

D.I.Y Flower Arrangements:

1. Do your research. Take advantage of resources like Flower Magazine that always has a DIY project. Start looking now and keep of file of arrangements and projects that catch your eye.

2. Get familiar with your local wholesale floral shop. You do not have to be a retailer to shop there.

3. Purchase a few simple vases that can be used over and over again. I am fan of the round fish bowl vases and the small square vases. These are great to have around for centerpieces.

4. Practice makes perfect. Buy a bundle of flowers and arrange them in all different ways to get the feel for how the flowers will ultimately set and fall.

5. You cannot go wrong with using all one color. Different sizes and shapes in the same color can make a great low-risk arrangement.

Below are some of the D.I.Y projects I have done over the years. While they are a far cry from the pros, they were a nice addition to each event and best of all...the client was happy with the bill!

Happy Planning!
FlowersDan Gavin